11 Days Mount Rwenzori and Wildlife Safari

11 Days Mount Rwenzori and Wildlife safari takes you Murchison Falls National Parks for Big 5, and 7 days Rwenzori hiking along the central circuit trail route.

Detailed Itinerary for 11 Days  Mount Rwenzori and Wild Life Safari

Day 1:  Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport, you will be met by a company safari guide from Bustroop safaris who will brief you about your 14 days Uganda safari, after then you will be transferred to your booked lodge for dinner & overnight rest.

However if you reach early, then you will first go for a city tour to visit places like the Kasubi tombs, Namugongo Marty’s shrine, Lake Victoria shores, Uganda museum among others.

Day 2: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

Depart for Murchison Falls national park, shortly after breakfast. You will pass through Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking, lunch enroute in Masindin and proceed to Murchison Falls National Park.

You will then continue to the top of the falls, the most spectacular area in the park, where water presses its self out through 7m path down beneath 45metres with a thunderous roar.

Return back to your booked accommodation for dinner and overnight rest.

Day 3: Game drive and launch cruise

On having breakfast in the morning, you will set off early for the northern part of the park for your game drive, where you will be rewarded with spectacular sightings for wildlife in the park including Elephants, Lions, leopards, buffaloes, Antelopes such as bush bucks and water bucks, Kobs, warthogs etcetera. Return for lunch and later on leave for the afternoon boat cruise along the Albert Nile. Look out for water animals like crocodiles, elephants taking water, hippos and more bird species along the river banks.

Dinner and overnight stay at your booked  safari Lodge.

Day 4:  Transfer to Nyakalengija

In the Morning, have your breakfast, and leave for Kasese. You will reach in time for check in and lunch at the hotel. Spend the afternoon relaxing in the hotel/Lodge as you prepare for your next day adventure trip.

Day 5: Nayakalengija to Nyabitabah

Length: 8km

Morning breakfast at the camp then head to RMS headquarters where you will be briefed about the whole hike. From Nyakalengija, trek through the Bakonzo settlements to mount Rwenzori national park gate for registration before entering the park. Along the trek, you might encounter among others forest elephants, chimpanzees, hyrax, black-and-white colobus, L’Hoest’s monkeys, duiker, and three horned chameleon. Bird species are; Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco, Long-eared Owl, Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Strange Weaver, Archers’ Robin-chat, Rwenzori Batis among many others as well as various tree and plant species. You will expect to see some of them.

Dinner and overnight at Nyabitaba hut.

Day 6: Nyabitaba to John matte hut

Distance: 11km

Have breakfast at the hut, then trek through the lush shrubs and forest for about 30 minutes to the Kurt Shafer bridge which is between the Mubuku and Bujuku rivers. Trek through the bamboo mixed with montane forests and slippery moss-covered rocks for several hours. As you hike, expect to see various bird species that live in the forest.

Continue then with your hike up to Nyamulejju rock shelter from which you will rest for lunch, as you enjoy spectacular views of Mount Stanley and mount Speke on a clear day. After here, continue through the alpine forest to John Matte hut where you will have dinner and an overnight.

Day 7: John matte to Bujuku hut

Distance: 5km

Rise up for breakfast, and cross river Bujuku, then walk through the forest to the lower bigo bog, which is home to the giant lobelias. You will jump from tussock to tussock, and possibilities are high that you will definitely step on mud, which makes it quite challenging.

However, walking boards have been introduced to reduce strain, thus making it easier for trekkers to walk through easily. You will also see giant lobelias, everlasting flowers and groundsels. You will then hike up along a ridge which joins to the upper bigo bog. There is also a board walk up to Lake Bujuku. After the board walk you will try to move through the remaining small boggy area without the walk boards to Bujuku hut. At this point, you will enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Bujuku, mount Speke, Mount Baker and mount Stanley. At this point you are able to ascend mount Speke and Mount Stanley.

Day 8: Bujuku to Elena hut

Wake up early for breakfast, then hike for 5-7 hours to Elena hut. You will trek through the sides of the upper Bigo bog, then through the steep slopes to the slopes of Lake Bujuku. The trail then ascends westwards through the 4372 meter Scott-Elliot pass, and you will pass through more swamps and the thrilling Ground gully. You will hike over a steep section at the top of the gully using a metal ladder.

The trail meets at a junction where, the left trail leads to Scott-Elliot pass descending to Kitandara Lakes whereas the right trail heads to the Elena Hut and on a steep trail above large boulders to Mt Stanley.

Elena hut settles on the rocky part of Mount Stanley are which is very cold. At this point, you are close to the highest point of the Rwenzori mountains and you will have a direct glimpse Mount Baker and Mount Speke. Sometimes it is hard to view these two mountains because they are covered by fog. Have dinner at Elena hut then spend the night.

Day 9: Elena hut (4563m) – Kitandara (3979m)

On this 5th day, wake up by 2am, enjoy breakfast at Elena hut, set off with your warmest gear, along with your harness, warm hand gloves and headsock, have your headlamps and helmets and make sure you have sunglasses in the day pack. Hike to the top of mount Stanley, Magherita peak, through the Stanley plateau. While you will use ropes on steep rocky areas, yet crampons, and ice axe will be used on the glacial parts.

Reach the bottom of the margherita glacier, after trekking for hours. This is the most tiring part Rwenzori hiking experience. You will hike through this glacier to the top of mount Stanley, margherita peak (5109m), where you will enjoy the impressive view of the Ireen Lake, mount Speke and the surrounding environment. Descendafter lunch to Elena Hut then later on proceed to Kitandara hut through the Scott Elliot pass. This is the most beautiful the most beautiful point of the Rwenzori. Have dinner at Kitandara then spend the night. If the group is big, you might spend another night at Elena hut and continue the following day.

If you do not wish to climb Mt. Stanley, you can combine days 4 and 5 into a single day by taking a different trail from the Bujuku Hut up to Scott-Elliot Pass to Kitandara Lake Hut for dinner & overnight.

Day 10: Kitandara hut (3979m) – Guy Yeoman hut (3505m)

Wake up early for breakfast, then carefully move forward through the slippery base of Mount Baker. From Kitandara, the trail rises steeply up the headwall, spreading out from the base of Mount Baker and proceeding along the southern side of the Rwenzori Mountain to Fresh field pass, then to the rock shelter at Bujangolo, the base camp for the historic excursion by the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.This will take you around 5-7 hours then reach Guy Yeoman hut which is located at the banks of river Mubuku, have dinner and spend the night.

Day 11: Guy Yeoman to Nyabitaba to Nyakalengija

From Guy Yeoman, slope further to Nyabitaba through the bamboo forests. The path down can be slippery and muddy with little to hold on to and requires careful balancing over the vertical mud or steep rock. After about 5 hours of walking you will reach Nyabitaba hut where you will take alunch break. Then continue to descend for more 3 hours to the head office to pick your certificate for a successful climb to margherita peak, then later proceed to the lodge for an over night.

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